Part-Time Project Assistance/Media Management

Need a responsible, self-motivated person with good writing and communication skills to assist with projects and media management.  Some exposure to Apple/Mac systems and software (including editing of RAW format still photos, MS Word and Excel for OS X) are required. The position is an opportunity to develop basic to intermediate skills as a video editor, camera equipment wrangler, and other production assistance duties. If you posses the qualities listed and you are a person who has initiative and likes to learn, this is a perfect project for you.

Pay is negotiable, but must work on independent contractor (1099) basis. You must have access to reasonably up-to-date Apple hardware. Students welcomed, and effort will be made to accommodate school schedules and other work/family responsibilities (though some regularity in assistance is expected). 

Hours will vary, but expect between 10 to 12 hours a week on average.  There will be room for creative and financial growth in the long term. 

If interested, please contact us at for an interview.

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