Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Victoria Nipple Count

VICTORIA NIPPLE COUNT (c) 2003 from Pattie Thomas on Vimeo.

One of our first collaborative efforts, the film is based upon the annual Victoria Flower Count -- an event in January when people living in Victoria British Columbia are encouraged to count the flowers blooming in their yards and call in the "count" to a hot line. The total (usually in the millions) is tallied towards the end of January and sent out to all the other provinces in the form of a press release that basically says "too bad you're in the frozen tundra, eh. We are happily in a Mediterranean climate here, eh. Ha-Ha." (Last part meant to be read like Nelson from The Simpsons.) Victoria Nipple Count is one man's quest to show Canadians and the world that it is possible to enjoy a Spring-like day on January 4!

LaVelle and Ginni Visit Victoria

LaVelle and Ginni Visit Victoria (c) 2004 from Pattie Thomas on Vimeo.

Carl clandestinely follows LaVelle and Ginni as they invade Canada looking like innocent seniors on a cruise ship. The plan is to follow, confuse them with site-seeing adventures in Victoria and then see if they will give up any information. But, of course, out-witted by their wiley ways, the duo return to the boat and sail off to Alaska with whatever secrets from Canada they learned. Foiled again.

(This is a souvenir video made of the 2003 visit from Carl's mom-in-law, LaVelle, and her friend, Ginni, who had a few hours in-port while we were living in Victoria. But a home movie would have been tres boring.)