Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SINdustry CITY does Wrap Party June 2008

The Wrap Party for June was on the 26th. It was held at Torino's, at 5570 West Flamingo, as usual, masterminded by Rusty Meyers, as usual. The Wrap Party consists of an hour or two of cocktails and informal chat in Torino's bar area and an hour or two in Torino's "screening room" viewing videos by and featuring attendees followed by more structured introductions and sharing of news tidbits by attendees. I call the first half of the soiree the "booze and shmooze" portion of the evening and the latter half the "screen and shout-out" portion.

I announced to a surprising amont of interest that Sindustry City is pursuing a contract linking a children's charity and a local restaurant (names withheld until more specific details are known). We will likely need at least some help from videographers, on-camera talent, and writers. The assembled throng was in general pleased by the news and was very diligent in supplying me with leads.

I collected some nice business cards at this month's event. My policy is that if you have a business card, it's okay to mention you and your URL (but not your telephone number or email) in the blog, whereas if you send me your contact information only afterwards, you prefer unless you state otherwise I be discreet about sharing your information in such a manner (i.e. you want it to be known only with your approval on a case basis and not placed on a blog visible to the whole business world and with a saucy URL to boot). Cards of the month were as follows:

Jeremy A. Settles, Producer, Gotfilms ("A Motion Picture Production Company"). Jeremy spent some time with me talking about the future of the film industry in Vegas and how to achieve economies of scale by allowing creative and technical partners involved in various aspects of production to work together more efficiently.

Rosemary Rock (no URL; if you want her telephone number, let me know and I'll see if she'll sign off on it), an actress who introduced herself by asking if I was hiring older on-camera people and seemed mildly annoyed when I asked her if she knew of any older people. Flattery may get you everywhere, but it gets me labelled as an idiot. Rosemary lives in Las Vegas.

Quanyin Colton. Quanyin is a member of the Screen Actors' Guild (unless the SAG on her card stands for something more decrepit). She is also, she says, a dealer in a casino in town and has a photo on her card of herself in uniform by a roulette table, either to show how convincing she is in the role or in an attempt to document the claim.

Jack Daniel Jenkins. Jack is with Jack It Up FX in Vegas. He does compositing and other visual effects. I saw his demo reel at the meeting, and he has clearly been at it for a while and has access to some very nice equipment.

Joshua A. Cohen. Joshua is with Cohencidence Productions. Some of Joshua's work was shown during the screening. He does screenwriting and some other things; I spoke with him about his rates after the screening was over.

A word about the charity event: the most I can tell you at this without feeling uncomfortable is that it will be tied into the resumption of classes at UNLV this fall. The staff of SINdustry CITY will be contributing its time and effort without compensation for the project. The manner and extent of compensation for whomever we retain on this project is up in the air, largely subject to the specific needs of the charitable organization and the restaurant in question. We will keep you posted. Look for updates right here on SINdustry CITY's blog!