Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old SINdustry CITY Meets New!

We had a great time at our second Vegas4Locals event. Casa di Amore was total old-school Vegas, classic! The pictures on the wall tell a history of cool. Doug Michaels set the mood with “lounge entertainment” (you know the type, good enough to pay attention and enjoy, background enough that the cocktail party isn’t disturbed). Kathleen D’Esposito was a gracious hostess and fun to talk to as well.

Seth Grabel, local magician extraordinaire, walked around doing magic with film crew in tow. We were impressed: tricks in such close spaces are hard to pull off.

The set-up and atmostphere made networking easy (definitely easier than last month at the Pink Taco). We met Yvette Brown of Vegas VIP Hottie Hosting (a concierge service), Edwina Carabajal of Las Vegas Homes for Rent Magazine, Clint Montgomerty of Montgomery Media Productions, Shirley Mulvihill of Mountain View Mortgage Company, Daniel Braisted of Business Cards & More.

BTW, Daniel was a reminder of how small a world Vegas can be. Along with promoting his business, he was passing out flyers for The Airport Center office building. Our good friend and long-time client, Dion Brosan, manages the Airport Center, so we would be amiss if we didn’t mention them!

All in all, it was a great evening of good food and drink and good company. Tom Wilkinson pulled off another great evening for locals!

Oh yeah, and congrats to Kathleen D’Esposito for correctly identifying all the points of interest on our logo and winning a SINdustry CITY Tee!