Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yayo/NVCCF Flyer & "Spot That Never Was" :)

The NVCCF/Yayo charity event is on for tonight. Above is the final format of the flyer that Pattie designed. We ran off several color versions and some B/W ones as well, to be distributed by various helpful organizations in anticipation of the event.

Here's a lighthearted promo for the event tonight. We were considering putting together a real spot, but the local Vegas stations didn't sign off on it. But I had some dead time this morning, and creative impulse, if that is the term under the circumstances, conquered all. :) Not up to the standards of our other video work (I hasten to point out), but those of you nostalgic for the days of 1970's "independent" broadcast television stations may find yourself making favorable comparisons with the spots they used to air advertising, e.g., grocery chains disproportionately intent on letting you know that the one-pound bag of their house brand flour was eleven cents off during the week in question.

NVCCF/Yayo Promo Spot

Friday, August 15, 2008

SINdustry CITY at the New Media Expo

This week's entertainment for our staff is the New Media Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Expo consists of several presentations by various technical people and several dozen exhibitors' booths, all related to podcasting, vodcasting, and similar efforts.

The attendees seem to be initiates in the world of personal branding, if the "company affiliations" on their name tags are any indication. The exhibitors have anticipated this by offering small-scale audio and video production equipment, all suitable to getting one's personal content off the ground and on the Web. Audio and video are both substantially represented.

A small convention, taking up only a corner of the Convention Center's North Hall, but it is informative nonetheless. Apparently there are people enthusiastic enough about what we used to call "Internet radio" and "Internet video," back when we began our first audio broadcast on the Live365 site in 2001, to travel to Las Vegas to hear more in person about the matter. (Or are they just using it as an excuse to visit? >:) )